• Mae West Lips Sofa by Salvador Dali
  • Mae West Lips Sofa by Salvador Dali

Mae West Lips Sofa by Salvador Dali

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TheåÊMae West Lips SofaåÊis aåÊsurrealiståÊsculpture in the form of aåÊsofaåÊbyåÊSalvador DalÌ_. The light red, 86.5 x 183 x 81.5åÊcm (34 x 72 x 32 in) sized seating furniture made of wood andåÊsatinåÊwas shaped in 1937 after the lips of actressåÊMae West, whom DalÌ_ apparently found fascinating.[1]åÊDalÌ_ never intended for the sofa to serve a functional use. He also claimed that he partly based the design of the sofa[citation needed]åÊon a pile of rocks nearåÊCadaqu̩såÊandåÊPortlligat, where he stayed for many years with his wife,åÊGala Ìäluard DalÌ_.

Edward James, a rich British patron of the Surrealists in the 1930s, originally commissioned this piece from DalÌ_. It is now part of the art collections at theåÊMuseum Boijmans Van BeuningenåÊinåÊRotterdam.[2]åÊAnother version is on display at theåÊDalÌ_ Theatre and MuseumåÊinåÊFigueres,åÊCatalonia, Spain.[3]åÊA version is owned by theåÊVictoria and Albert Museum, having exhibited another example at the 2007 exhibitionåÊSurreal Things: Surrealism and Design,[4]åÊwhileåÊanother versionåÊis on display atåÊBrighton Museum.

Since 1970, Italian design furniture companyåÊGulframåÊis producing an updated version of DalÌ_'såÊMae West Lips SofaåÊdesigned by group Studio 65 and titleåÊBoccaåÊ(meaning: "mouth" in Italian) or most known in US as "Marilyn sofa" in honor of actress and sex symbolåÊMarilyn Monroe. Unlike DalÌ_'s original work, theåÊMarilyn Bocca SofaåÊhas a more practical use in the home, and has become an icon of classic modern design.